Talking directly to small businesses about their challenges with technology, software and social media is the best way to discover new ideas for my infographics, videos and blog posts.

What You Give…

The whole process generally requires a total of about 30 minutes of your time.

Depending on how we are able to connect, this may be a series of short “question & answer” sessions or it a one time “interview”. All meetings conducted over the phone or online using a smart phone or computer.

There is no “cost” to you monetarily. You just need to provide your time, knowledge and experience as a small business owner/operator.

What You Get…

Anyone that completes a “chat” with me will receive my “Small Business Internet Report Card” service for free which evaluates your small businesses website and social media presence.

I will personally review your online presence including your business website and social media profiles for:

  • completeness & accuracy of contact information
  • brand consistency
  • mobile device compatibility
  • potential security issues
  • business competitor discovery
  • search engine keyword review

The report also include a list of potential issues and recommended online learning.

Also at the end of your small business chat, you will have the opportunity to help you answer any questions

The Small Business Internet Report Card has a retail value of $199.

How It Works…

If you are interested in connecting with me and having a conversation about the technology challenges with your small business and are willing to dedicate some of you time, then you can begin the process by following the steps below:

  1. Submit the online form
  2. Wait to be contacted
  3. Decide if the “Q&A” or “Interview” format work best for your schedule
  4. Complete the Interview process within 30 days

Privacy and Trust

During the “chat” process there is a lot of information that will be exchanged relating to your business. I want to personally guarantee that this information ONLY be used to build a better understanding of your businesses and the challenges you face. This information will be kept in-house and will never be sold or given to any third party.

Who is The Small Business Guy?